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Bran Chadwick

Bran Chadwick

About Bran Chadwick – Author

Bran Chadwick is a Sheffield, U.K. based author of fantasy short stories that are currently available for purchase on Amazon world wide.

He is currently working on a series of short stories.

Each new release will be added to the site or you can search by book title or author name on Amazon.

A message from Bran

I have spent years writing for pleasure and the occasional competition. I am now ready to see if I can make it as a fully fledged professional.

Writing is such a pleasure. I want to bring the same joy I have writing stories to the people reading them.

I have chosen the fantasy genre because of the freedom it gives an author. The freedom to explore the possibilities available when the worlds you create can contain anything your imagination can conjure up. ┬áMythologies, gods, powerful beings…anything is possible with magic and fantasy.

I particularly like the idea of exploring the lives of the creatures that appear in fantasy stories that are often the side kick, familiar, or fleeting character. For my first series of stories I have chosen to follow the exploits of a crow as he navigates the world of witches and humans.

I grew up during a period of cinema when fantasy was popular. Watching classics such as Willow, Krull, Beastmaster, and Conan the Barbarian. I read fantasy, particularly the works of Terry Pratchett and Craig Shaw Gardner, but I also scoured second hand book stores for fantasy novels from the 70s.

Fantasy has fired my imagination and kept me entertained all my life.

I hope now to contribute to that great tradition.